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Top 10 Places you shouldn’t miss in Penang

By Rickson Goh

Penang is one of the top travel places you must visit when you travel in Malaysia, it contains local unique culture, sightseeing places, historical heritages, and most important the famous foods that you must try out.

To begin enjoy your journey in Penang, here is some tips and top 10 places you should explore while traveling in Penang.

Top 10 Sightseeing:

1. Penang Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple is one of the landmarks in Penang, it located at “Air Itam – Crane Hill” which is the most significant and famous place for travelers pay a visit.

Kek Lok Si Temple can be traced back to 1893 which also the larges temple ever build around South East Asia, makes it become the most famous temple in Penang.

There are two building you must visit in this temple which is Thousands Buddhas Pagoda and the world largest Avalokitesvara statue. Which along the road to the temple, you could see it standing on top of the mountain.

The temple is huge and there is multiple buildings, turtle pool allow you to visit, to visit the Avalokitesvara statue you could take Sky Lift elevator without walk up to the mountain. The best period to visit Kek Lok Si Temple is around Chinese New Year and you can enjoy the spectacular scene with lights and festoons that you would not found in any other places. Only in Penang.

Beautiful scene at Kek Lok Si


Buddha Statue along the hallway to the main temple

World largest Avalokitesvara statue

Spectacular scene with lights and festoons only at Chinese New Year


Address:Kek Lok Si Temple,Air Itam,11500 Penang

Opening Time:09:00AM – 06:00PM

Tickets:Free Entrance,For Sky Lift cost RM2/per person

Contact:+60 4 828 3317

Coordinate:5.399861, 100.273611



Is it located nearby Kek Lok Si Temple and you might want to pay a visit to Air Itam Dam after you visit Kek Lok Si. To get there, you just need to follow the road from Kek Lok Si and drive uphill to the mountain, at the end of the road you will reach the dam. You need to beware if you driving up to the hill, there are some riders and cyclist on the road. The view at Air Itam Dam is beautiful, if you like nature you should visit here. At top of the dam you can enjoy the gorgeous George Town view. Further more there is a place for cyclist and jogger to gather around. Overall this is the best place for people who like the natural and relaxing to come here and enjoy the jogging, climbing and cycling around the dam.

02airitam1 02airitam02 02aititam03 02aititam04 02aititam05 02aititam06

Opening Time:5AM – 7PM

Coordinate: 5.394519, 100.263412


3. Penang Hill

Penang Hill is one of the famous sightseeing place in Penang, it was discovered when soon after British settlement

Set 821m above Penang’s capital, islanders call it Bukit Bendera and it is generally about five degrees cooler than Georgetown. It is the last patch of tropical rainforest in Penang so the flora and fauna here have been protected since 1960. It is one of Penang’s best-known tourist attractions due to its fresher climate.

There are two-way to getting up Penang Hill, which is taking a Cable Car or you climb up there. This cable car is different to other cable car which hang on the air, Penang Cable car are sit on top a railway and using cable power to pull the car up to the mountain. In May 2011 a new cable car system was introduced to public, with its new upgraded system that capable to carry more passenger and a high-speed cable system allow journey to the mountain only with 7mins. From the top of Penang Hill on a clear day you can see the mountains of Langkawi and north Kedah but it is the night-time sight of lit-up Georgetown that is especially rewarding. Most people simply come to enjoy the cool, unpolluted air and walk under 30m-high trees along the nature trails. Additionally, over 100 species of birdlife, ranging from ordinary garden species to exotic deep forest inhabitants, call this hillside home.
02升旗山01 02升旗山02 02升旗山03 02升旗山04 02升旗山05

Address:Perbadanan Bukit Bendera, Ayer Itam, 11500 Pulau Pinang

Cable Car Station:Penang Hill Lower Station, 11500 Bukit Bendera

Coordinate:5.408523, 100.277230

Opening Time:6.30AM – 11.00PM(Last Trip from the Mountain)Ticketing counter will close at 10.30PM

Ticket Fees:

  • Local(MyCard Holder)Adult RM10,Children RM4
  • Foreigner Adult RM30,Children RM15


4. Clan Jetty

Clan Jetties form part of the Penang Heritage Trail. There used to be seven jetties until one was demolished by fire and now six remain. Billed as one of the last bastions of old Chinese settlements on the island, this waterfront society is home to houses on stilts of various Chinese clans.

As people still live in this area be mindful when you take pictures: if you are wondering when or where to click, then wait for sunset – the splash of orange contrasts beautifully with the turquoise-blue sea and it makes for an even more spectacular shot when you can get a shot of a sampan in the foreground.

04姓氏桥01 04姓氏桥02 04姓氏桥03 04姓氏桥04


Address:Clan Jetty Weld Quay, George Town

Coordinate:5.412609, 100.339834


5. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion/The Blue Mansion

The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is located at 14 Leith Street, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia. The mansion’s indigo-blue outer wall makes it a very distinct building in the area.

The Circa 1880s mansion built by the merchant Cheong Fatt Tze at the end of 19th century has 38 rooms, 5 granite-paved courtyards, 7 staircases & 220 vernacular timber louvre windows. The architecture of the mansion however originates from the Su Chow Dynasty Period in China. The mansion was purchased from Cheong Fatt Tze’s descendants in 1989 by a group of local Penang individuals to save the edifice from encroaching development and possible demolition. While it remains until now, a private-residence, the property operates as a 16 Room Bed & Breakfast-cum-museum as part of the adaptive reuse of an ongoing restoration project which has won awards from UNESCO. Tours are offered in English three times a day to central parts of the house.

05蓝屋01 05蓝屋02 05蓝屋03 05蓝屋04 05蓝屋05


Address:14 Leith Street, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Daily Tour-guide Section(English):11AM / 1.30PM / 3PM

Ticket Fees:RM12


6. Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi is situated along the coastal road north-west of Georgetown and lined with a string of international standard resorts, is the most popular beach in Penang.

Soak in the sun or unwind on the beach while you enjoy a host of aquatic thrills from wind-surfing to canoeing. For a spine-tingling adventure, try parasailing to enjoy the view of the beach from the sky.

As the sun sets, Batu Ferringhi comes alive with a carnival-like atmosphere with an open-air bazaar selling anything from ornate curios to enticing souvenir items.

Watch local artisans demonstrate the intricate art of craft-making and batik- painting. Dubbed the Feringghi Walk, the bazaar offers shoppers a host of attractions.

06峇都丁宜01 06峇都丁宜02 06峇都丁宜03 06峇都丁宜04

Coordinate: 5.469521, 100.242713


7. Fort Cornwallis

Fort Cornwallis, named after the Governor-General in Bengal in the late 1700s, Charles Cornwallis, is one of the most interesting historical landmarks in Georgetown. It is located close to the Esplanade, next to the Victoria Memorial Clock.

The fort’s walls, roughly 10 feet high, are laid out in a star-shape formation. A stroll along the perimeters takes roughly 10 minutes. Inside the fort, you can still see some of the original structures built over a century ago, including a chapel, prison cells, ammunition storage area, a harbor light once used to signal incoming ships, the original flagstaff and several old bronze cannons, one of which is a Dutch cannon called the Seri Rambai, dated 1603. An interesting note about the Seri Rambai is that some locals believe that this particular cannon can have a positive effect on a woman’s fertility.

Today, this privately managed historical site is popular among visitors. It is equipped with a tourist information kiosk, a cafe, an open-air amphitheater, a history gallery, a souvenir center as well as guides who can take you around the fort grounds and provide you with a glimpse into the fort’s history.

07康华利斯堡01 07康华利斯堡02 07康华利斯堡03 07康华利斯堡04

Address:Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Opening Time:8.30AM – 6.30PM

Coordinate:5.420542, 100.343872



Escape Adventureplay is a family theme park with exciting and challenging activities that promote wellness in the great outdoors. It’s a place where no one is too old or too young to have fun!

Swing from tree to tree like a monkey, leap like Atan (the hero of the park), go ape on the rope walks, bounce down slopes on tubby racers, become a cave explorer, and even pan for treasure. It’s a world-class tourism destination where you rub shoulders with everyone. And yet your experience will be unique

Escape have multiple treehouse for escapee to rent, each treehouse can hold up to 10 escapee, currently it only open from 9AM to 6PM and does not allow staying overnight, each treehouse rental around RM150 – RM300. Escape is specially design for family, which mean eldest can enjoy the moment with youngest to spend their weekend and holiday with family together.


1. Famous Playground: Monkey Business, Flying Lemur, Atan’s Leap and Tubby Racer,arriving in the morning to avoid long queue.

2. Monkey Business Lvl 3 will waste too much energy and might cause you exhausted to play other playground.

3. Outside food and drinks are restricted

08Escape01 08Escape02 08Escape03 08Escape04

Entrance Ticket

Infant (0-3 y/o) Free

Children (4-12 y/o) RM50

Adult (13-60 y/o) RM72

Senior (61-128 y/o) Free(Accompanied by another adult)


Address:828 Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia

Contact:+60 4 8811 106

Opening Time:9AM – 6PM

Coordinate:5.449393, 100.215128


9. Made In Penang Interactive Museum

The Made in Penang Interactive Museum really helps shake off pre-existing ideas of boring, outdated museums, instead offering visitors a fun, exciting way to view artwork with exhibits that have clever 3D imagery features. For example, a portrait of the Penang Snake Temple, with a large 3D snake slithering out from the framework.

A museum where getting involved is truly part of the fun, pictures range from historical images such as battleships being blown up by cannons, to elevators with iconic horror movie characters inside. The trick is that artists have used different colours, textured contours and some props to create each unique photo.

09InteractiveMuseum01 09InteractiveMuseum02 09InteractiveMuseum03 09InteractiveMuseum04

Address: No.3, Pengkalan Weld, George Town, Penang.

Opening Time: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Contact: +604 262 6119


10. Penang War Museum

It was at Bukit Batu Maung, on the southern part of Pulau Pinang that the battle against the invading Japanese army was lost. In the 1930, a formidable fortress was built by the British army atop Bukit Maung, to protect the island against the enemy. Manned by not only British soldiers, but also Malay and Sikh soldiers, Bukit Maung fell during an attack in which the Japanese army approached from inland, rather than from sea, as was expected by the British army.

Today, a slow walk through the fortress will fire the imagination on what once was. From the cannon firing bay  the Straits of Melaka is clearly visible. Although the original canons are no longer on site, it is not difficult to imagine how British, Malay and Sikh soldiers once took turn manning the canon bays day and night, guarding against enemy attach from sea. A simple, but no less remarkable section of underground tunnels – one even leads all the way to the sea, acting as an access tunnel to get to submarines – forces one to walk, or even crawl through very narrow, confined places.

10槟城战争博物馆01 10槟城战争博物馆02 10槟城战争博物馆03

Address:No.Lot 1350, Mukim 12, Daerah Barat Daya, Batu Maung

Contact:+6016-4213606 / +604-6265142

Opening Time:9AM – 11PM

Coordinate:5.281454, 100.288892


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