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Discover Jurassic World on Isla Nublar

By Rickson Goh

When I was a kid, I always dreamt about dinosaurs invading my house and wanting to eat me up. If you were having the same dream as me and wanted to experience such an adventurous trip in real life, you are in luck.

In near future ( June 12, 2015 ), Masrani Global will officially announce their latest venture Jurassic World to public. Finally, dinosaurs enthusiastic will have a chance to visit to Isla Nublar – Jurassic World. Here is some exclusive photos of the Jurassic World that is soon to be opened. Believe me it is by far the most advanced Theme Park I have ever been. (Spoiler!)

How to Get There


To get there, you will need to fly to Costa Rica and take their exclusive Isla Nublar ferry to the island, Isla Nublar. Trust me, you will get more than what your are anticipating, so it is totally worthwhile to spend couple hours to transit there.


When you disembark from Ferry on Isla Nublar island, there will be monorail service to commute to the Jurassic World Theme Park, the monorail is the fastest and the only way for visitors to travel around the island, it simply because of Safety measurement by Masrani Security.



Where to Stay

The first stop of the journey is Hilton Isla Nublar Resort, you need to disembark at the “Hotel Complex” monorail station. Hilton is the one and only hotel in the island, it is a 5-star luxury hotel with Jurassic age footprint that allows you to experience living in Jurassic age.


Here is more information about the Stay in Isla Nublar – Jurassic World



Where to Play

After checking into your room, you can then fully enjoy the Jurassic World Theme Park on your following days. Here are the maps you need to get around the island.

JW-Themepark-MapJW-Themepark-Map2 JW-Themepark-Map1JW-Thempark-overview

You can find the places well with these maps, but be sure to stay hydrated in case of getting lost in the jungle.


Ticket & Packages

If you like to fully discover the island you might be interested in the following packages.

JW-package-entertain JW-package-romance



Family Package

If you looking for family package, you could buy the 4-Day 3-Night package that gives you access to all facilities, including stay at Hilton Isla Nublar 5-star Hotel.



Romance Package

Getting bored in your relationship? For couples, you might want to try out the 3 Days 2 Nights Romance Package, this package gives you a round trip transportation from Costa Rica Airport to Isla Nublar and 2-nights camp stay with the lovely herbivore dinosaurs. You can wake up in the morning and feed the herbivore dinosaurs with leaves around your camp area. It is SAFE to feed them, no worry, they won’t bite.




There are thousands of dinosaurs spices running on the Jurassic World Theme Park, here is the overview of dinosaurs you will see in Jurassic World.



T-REX or Tyrannosaurus Rex

My favorite dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus Rex or so called T-Rex, be sure to check them out:



Mosasaurus Dinosaurs

Most importantly, you should catch that must-watch performance at Mosasaurus Feeding Show, the show time is at 17:00 everyday. You might need to bring ponchos in order to stay dry as the show normally creates big splash.




Last but not least, safety is always the PRIORITY in Jurassic World. Do always follow the instructions and safety sign-board. Keep calm if you hear any siren, and DO NOT RUN if you see a T-REX.



Theme Park Video

Here is the sneak peek of Jurassic World, stay tune with us. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter.


Reserve Ticket Now

So what you still waiting for? Reserve your ticket now to visit the world’s best theme park ever built.

Jurassic World Theme Park Tickets : BOOK NOW


Special Thanks and Credits to Masrani Global and Jurassic World.


DISCLAIMER: Jurassic World Theme Park is fictional for a fan like you. There is no actual theme park in the world YET, but you can get a taste of it in the Movie “Jurassic World 2015” – a Yet-To-Release Movie. We do not know if there are some CRAZY SCIENTISTS working on this project, BUT using DNA to replicate animals is DOABLE according to the THEORY behind the Jurassic World . Good luck to everyone, dream on.


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