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“Spend & Claim Tax”

“Spend & Claim Tax” Campaign is a 6-month campaign starting from Jan 2021 to June 2021.

In conjunction with the Government’s initiative, Tourplus commenced the “Spend & Claim Tax” campaign to encourage domestic tourism. By channeling the travel spendings on food, drinks, hotels, ticketings, massage services, and more, Malaysians are able to claim tax relief up to RM1000 per year from 2020 to 2021.

“How do we spend on goods and get RM 1,000 tourism tax rebate?”

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Tourplus is a licensed travel agency. Any packages issued from the Tourplus app are eligible for Personal Income Tax Relief Up to RM1000 per year, valid in 2020/2021.

Therefore, Tourplus initiated the “Spend & Claim Tax” campaign in partnership with local merchants to advocate for domestic travel and aid small businesses in Malaysia as well.

The latest implementation under the 2020 Economic Stimulus Package enables Malaysian tourists to enjoy income tax relief up to RM 1,000 as long as they travel domestically.
This incentive is also being extended until 31st December 2021 by the recent PENJANA Economic Recovery Plan.

How Does It Work?


Get the cash voucher from Tourplus App.


Show the cash voucher to Merchants at their counter. Merchant will use the “Tourplus Merchant App” to scan and validate your voucher.


The Merchant POS system will deduct the voucher’s amount value and collect the balance from you.

Customers can purchase as many cash vouchers from Tourplus as possible. However, only tax redemption for up to RM1000 is allowed.

Customers can enjoy 10% extra value when they purchase the cash voucher from Tourplus.

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