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How to book a Charter Car with a Private Driver easily with Tourplus App?

By Nur Azim Syukri Hamzah


Tourists often have problems while booking a charter car with a private driver such as the safety concern, un-transparent pricing, tedious booking process and problems with communicating with the designated driver-guide. Tourplus is the platform that connects you with the driver-guide safely and conveniently.



Easy steps to book a Charter Car with a Private Driver easily with Tourplus App?


Step 1: Land on Tourplus App

Open the Tourplus Apps and choose from the 4 services we offer (Airport Transfer, Day Tour, Ticket & Attractions and Multi-Day Tour) 

* Multi-Day Tour as an example


Screenshot of Tourplus App Home Page



Step 2: Fill in the basic travel information

If you choose the Multi-Day Tour, fill in the basic travel information including travel duration, the start date and the city you would like to visit. Click “Proceed”


Screenshot of Tourplus App - basic travel information for booking a private charter car



Step 3: Select the duration of the charter car service you need each day

Select the duration of the charter car you need each day. Tick “Airport Transfer” if you need the Airport Pick Up or Drop-Off service on the start date or end date. It could be a whole day charter car service within the city centre or a cross-state trip from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka.

Screenshot of Tourplus App of showing the duration of charter car service each day

Step 4: Review the schedule of each day

Check again the schedule of each day. You can always go back and re-edit the schedule


Screenshot of Tourplus App of reviewing the multi-day tour schedule

Step 5: Pick your transportation preference

At Tourplus, you can always select the car type you want, from the 5 – seater compact car to 16 – seater van, which caters for your travel group size.

Screenshot of Tourplus App selecting car type for the charter car with private driver service

Step 6: Fill in the detailed booking information

To connect you with the driver seamlessly, we somehow need your basic booking information. No worry, your privacy is under good protection

Screenshot of Tourplus App for filling in detailed booking information of travellers

Step 7: Select your preferred payment method

Once you’re confident with your booking details, you can proceed with payment to secure your booking. Utmostly, double-check if everything is in order and accurate. Tourplus supports multiple international payment gateways, including credit/debit card, Paypal, Alipay, Union Pay, and TnG Wallet. All the payment gateways are under SSL encryption.

Screenshot of Tourplus App payment gateways selection


Step 8: All set and ready to go

There you go, after booking confirmation, Tourplus will confirm you with your designated driver’s details within 2 hours. You will receive an email with your order summary. Driver details can be viewed through the App. You can always check on the status of your booking at the ‘Bookings’ section of your Tourplus account on both the website and on the mobile app.

Screenshot of Tourplus App of receiving the booking confirmation

Download our apps or visit our website to have your first private charter car experience with Tourplus.

Book a hygienic, safe charter car with discount



Tourplus is an online travel platform that helps travellers connect directly with their own driver-guide. With professional and certified local driver-guides, tourists do not need to worry about safety issues and language barriers.