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10 Foods You Can’t Miss During Ramadhan Bazaar In Malaysia

By Nur Azim Syukri Hamzah

It’s lockdown season folks and Yup! The Muslim holy month “Ramadhan” is just around the corner and this is really exciting not only for Muslims but also for all Malaysian. Muslims or non-Muslims, Ramadhan is one of the eagerly awaited months for Malaysian. For those who didn’t know what is Ramadhan, it is the fasting month for Muslims over the world. During the month, Muslims will fast from food and drink from dawn to dusk.

Perhaps the most special part of Ramadan in Malaysia is the Ramadhan bazaars that can be found at almost all over the country, offering huge type mouth-watering food for you to break your fast with. The Ramadhan bazaar usually will be open from 3PM till 8PM. A visit to the Ramadhan bazaar is a must as there will be a variety type of food and freshly baked treats to tempt your eye from assorted kuih (sweet and savoury snacks) to a complete set of meal.

And I heard that this year Ramadhan bazaar will be quite different from last year. Maybe this year we have our first Drive- thru bazaar. Who knows? Keep reading and we tell you some of the best food to get at Ramadan Bazaar 2020!


Top 10 Food To Buy At Ramadhan Bazaar 


1. Ayam Percik

Credit: @ayampercikpadu


Ayam percik, Malaysian



2. Murtabak

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Number 2 in our list is the typical Malaysian stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread. A usually filled with delicious different types of filling. It can be meat, veggies, eggs, onion. A simple dish but the flavour a just wonderful! Trust me 🤤.


3. Satay



Whether in a restaurant or a stall you can find satay almost anywhere in Malaysia. Satay, or sate is a Southeast Asian dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a hot and delicious peanut sauce. You can choose from chicken, beef, lamb and many more types. So don’t forget to put satay on your Ramadhan bazaar checklist.


4. Roti John



A  long bread stuffed with meat, vegetables, cheese and pretty much anything you can think of and finished with a whole lot of sauces and more cheese than you can think of. A sinful dish but a must buy food at Ramadhan bazaar.


5. Popiah



Number 5 on our list is the local favourite. Popiah is a Malaysian spring roll that is layered with sweet chili sauces, meat, vegetable filling, and garnishes all wrapped in a neat and tasty parcel. Popiah is a popular street food in Malaysia.


6. Kebab




Marinated roasted meats on skewers and place in a hotdog bun. What’s better than this.


7. Tepung Pelita


My personal favourite. Tepung pelita is Malaysian two-layer traditional kuih prepared in a square mold made of banana leaves.It has creamy top (from the coconut milk) and sweet bottom taste. For all sweet tooth out there, this kuih is a must buy at Ramadhan bazaar.


8.Air Soya and Air tebu


Air soya is soy milk while air tebu is sugarcane. The drinks can be the most wanted drink during Ramadhan as it is the perfect partner to wind down the heat of the day.


9. Otak Otak


If you directly translate otak-otak in English it can be “brain brain”. But don’t worry this dish is nothing related to brains. It is made of spiced ground fish meat and steamed in a banana leaf casing with a mind-blowingly delicious taste!


10. Putu Bambu



The last on our list is also a Malaysian traditional delicacy, the famous Putu Bambu. Rice flour filled with gula melaka (palm sugar), steamed in hollow bamboo casings and grated coconut as a topping.The mouth-watering putu bamboo will satisfy your taste bud with its soft, fluffy and cottony texture and appealing aroma and sweetness.


There you go 10 Food You Can’t-Miss During Ramadhan Bazaar in Malaysia. Cheer Up! Even we are in lockdown. You still can get our fav ramadhan dish. Remember to Stay Home and Stay safe guys ! Stay quarantine and chill from your home.  Don’t stress out! Just Duduk Rumah and order your food online .

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