Mind blowing experiences in SEAMAC!

Have you heard of SEAMAC before?

To be short SEAMAC stand for Southeast Asia Mobile App Challenge. 26 startups from 9 countries in Asia Pacific competing in Regional Final at Singapore on 6th February 2015

SEAMAC participate countires

We are so lucky to be shortlist as one of the SEAMAC Regional Finalist 🙂

Email from SEAMAC

Unlike any other competition that we been through, SEAMAC competition giving us surprising and mind blowing experiences and here is why:

  1. FREE TRANSPORTATION & ACCOMMODATION – SEAMAC Organiser provide transportation and accommodation for every shortlisted startup to fly over to Singapore to attend SEAMAC Regional Finals, which is cool!!! and I get to stay at BIG Hotel just located at CBD.
  2. CLEAR CRITERIA & AWESOME PRICE AWARDS – They provide a FULL DETAILS marking criteria (I believe is for judges use) and telling us what they expected from the presentation. Awesome price of SGD25,000 and return trip to Barcelona.
  3. NEW, CRAZY, MIND BLOWING IDEA & PRODUCT – 26 startups = 26 idea = 26 business model, each startup present their work on stage, some already builded a successful business and looking for more partnership, after all each startup perform fantastic on stage and the competition is never been so competitive.
  4. FOUNDERS & INVESTORS NETWORKING – For any startup expanding network is very important, SEAMAC provide a fantastic platform for founders and investors get to know each others. Probably your next investors is here.

So yeah, winning the competition is not the only target when you go to such event, but get to talk with different people and sharing with each other to improve your knowledge which is the biggest fortune you get from such event.

Last but not least, getting out to talk to people is very important for every startup, for founders:

Validating idea before you spend too much time to build product that no one want

Tourplus – Make nation proud, team urged – New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah gave his blessings to the Malaysian contingent to compete in the International Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Led by Goh Hoo Wan, the team invented Tourplus, a software application that serves to revolutionise travel experience by improving travelling quality and catering to modern personalised travelling requirement.

Tourplus also provides IT solutions to the tourism industry.

Others in the six-member team are Chew Weng Chuen and Goh Hoo Yen.

The team won the National Creative Business Cup organised by StartupMalaysia in July.

Hoo Wan and Hoo Yen received praises from companies, such as Google and the National Geographic publication, when they presented Tourplus at the annual Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland, earlier this month

Husni, who spoke to the Malaysian contingent at his ministry, said the government had supported efforts carried out by young entrepreneurs.

“The young generation is our successors. It is important to inspire them to be creative. Creativity is the only way for a country to move ahead. Young people should work hard and be willing to acquire knowledge from around the world,”he said, adding that technological advancements had facilitated interaction between countries and people.

“Make use of technology to enhance our competitiveness and do not abuse it,” said Husni.

He later presented the Jalur Gemilang to the contingent.

Hoo Wan’s team won the National Creative Business Cup organised by StartupMalaysia in July.

The victory qualified them to represent Malaysia at the International Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark, which ends today.

He is a graduate from Brisbane, Australia with a degree in IT Business. During his university days, he won a varsity-level competition known as “QUT — An Idea Change The World”