Great News For Affiliates! Install Tourplus Widget on your Site and Earn Now


If you own a great blog or website for travelers. We have a great news for you! Tourplus now lets you install widgets on your website so that you can monetize them by generating leads to Tourplus. Tourplus have great range of tour products for you to advertise and earn commission from. You will get paid with the commission (up to 55%) when your audience book with us. Follow these simple steps to add Tourplus Widget to your blog or websites.

      1. Sign Up on Tourplus. Already have an account? Sign In immediately 🙂
      2. Click ‘Affiliate’ on the website footer.tplusFooterAffiliate
      3. Click ‘Apply Now‘ and get your free affiliate id.affiliateApplyNow
      4. Once applied, you will be led to dashboard tracking your weekly earnings.Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 2.06.04 PM
      5. Log in to your blog or website CMS panel.
      6. Include javascript library in the website or post header.
        <script async= src=//></script>
      7. Insert a ‘div’ line anywhere in your article that will be used to display Tourplus widgets.
        <div id=tplus_container style=overflow: auto;></div>
      8. Additional javascript configuration for pulling relevant products based on city id and your affiliate id number so that our system can track the conversions. c stands for city id, aid stands for affiliate id.
        <script>window.TplusProductsComponent = xcomponent.create({
        tag: products-component,
        TplusProductsComponent.render({}, #tplus_container);
      9. A scrollable cards with relevant products will be displayed in the div and your affiliate id will be included in the url for tracking purpose.Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 2.01.35 PM
      10. City id mappings:
        • Kula Lumpur: 1
        • Penang: 2
        • Malacca: 4
        • Ipoh: 5
        • GentingHighland: 7
        • Bali: 8
        • Bandung: 54