Khazanah Cornerstone at Wisma Yeap – Tourplus Pitch

Tourplus Pitching @ Khazanah Cornerstone Program

11 April 2016, Penang – Tourplus was invited by Khazanah Cornerstone to pitch to investors in a closed door event last week, on the 7th of April. We duly made preparations, and headed down to Penang the day before, stopping by in Ipoh town for some delicious chicken rice for lunch. The air was hazy, the heat made the air a strong balm.
In the evening, we managed to catch up with a score of guides from Penang at Starbucks in E-gate. Over some refreshing iced “vitamin water” we had fruitful two-way discussions and talked freely about things pertaining to our platform and the industry, and practical matters of interest to the front-liners of our tourism industry.

Evening Meet-1
Refreshing Vitamin Water, Yum Yum!
Evening Meet-2
The Tourplus Team and Tour Guides from Penang

Our discussions went on for about two hours before we finally said our goodbyes and adjourned to call it a day. For the team at Tourplus though, it was onwards to more meetings, more strategizing, and then finally rehearsals for the big day tomorrow.

The next day was filled with even more rehearsals before finally heading to Wisma Yeap Chor Ee in the afternoon.

Ready for Action!

After an hour or two to let investors mingle freely with entrepreneurs, it was time for all of us to pitch. Only five minutes were allotted to each speaker, and we had to make a strong pitch before time was up. This is our CEO Rickson in action.

The Show Begins!-5 Khazanah Cornerstone
The Pitch
The Show Begins!-9
The Audience

After the pitching session there followed another round of closer conversations with interested parties, and then we adjourned at the end of the event. We took the chance to catch up with friends and have dinner, then it was time for the long drive back to KL. We returned in the AM exhausted and in good spirits. 🙂